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The main concern of Open Sky Travel Corporate Travel Management
Economic tourist class to seven stars accommodation Open Sky Team of experts have carfully selected
Our rule is not just issue a ticket,which many others can it. We go further we choose Shortest route -Appropriate carrier
Other Travel Cart
Other Travel Cart
Our competitive car hire rates provide our customer with opportunities for better savings we offer
OpenSkyTravel take care about the meeting of a corporation is a gathering of shareholders of the corporation
Charter, Set departure, Health, Beauty Trips, Leisure, Honeymoon Tips V.I.P services- 24/7/365
OpenSkyTravel offers cruises services from east to west on the best cruises in the world these
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We use our experience and expertise to meet ...


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For companies, travel and meetings is typically the second or third largest ...

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The main concern of Open Sky Travel Corporate Travel Management team is to provide the most professional service around. it is our job to understand fare complexities and differing hotel rates to ensnure that our clients will receive the best possible travel advicef We will endeavor to obtain the right seat on the right plane at the right time and for the right price Clients will receive accurate travel documentation and relevant up-to the minute travel information.

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When your boss asks you what your total travel spend is
Travel and meetings can be complex

Travel and meetings can be complex , but you dont have to go it alone.GTC BusinessTravel has been at it longer experience & own touch,and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can partner to benefit your business

You have no idea what your business spends on meetings each year or how many small meetings are flying under the radar

Meeting and event planning is often spread out across a business ,which means there is no centralized visibility into what is being spent ,what vendors are being used and what terms and contracts are being signed . if this is the case of you business you are not only missing out on savings opportunities,but may also be opening your business up to risk

Your assistant is sitting in first class .You are in coach

- A sound travel policy is the foundation of your program . With a policy in place that is tailored to the culture of your
- organization as well as your business goals ,you can curtail behaviours that maynegatively impact you total travel costs and bottom line



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